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+ How do you pronounce Boudoir?

You know, technically, I think it's bood-wah, since it's French and all. But I'm from the South, and I'm pronouncing that "r".

+ Do I have to have lots of lingerie?

No way! While I think it's nice to have at least one piece of "real" lingerie, we can find all kinds of flattering outfits that your partner will love on the cheap. I'm happy to help guide you through this!

+ Do you supply outfits?

I kind of feel like wearing lingerie someone else has worn is like taking a blacklight to a hotel. It doesn't matter how much it's washed, it's just not something you want to think about.

On a serious note, though, part of the beauty of these sessions is how we make them uniquely you, the woman the receiver of this gift loves. Because of that, I want you to bring your own lingerie that fits and flatters you and perfectly suits your personality and taste.

+ This page sure is boring, visually speaking. Why aren't there any real photos here?

I agree. A few pictures of beds and pillows don't really win you over, do they? But the answer is because I never, ever post your images publicly. If you want to see more, get in touch, and I'm happy to show you samples of people actually on those beds privately.

+ How long will it take to get my photos?

If you plan on ordering one of the handmade albums, I'd allow eight weeks from your session to the day you want your album to arrive. If you have less time, we can rush the album, but that does come at an additional cost from the album company. If you're just looking for digital photos or the slip-in album, we can cover that in 2-3 weeks.

+ Will you share my images?

I oooonnnnnnly share images in the private Facebook group, filled with women I oh so carefully screen before allowing access, and I only share those with your written permission. If you don't want anyone but me and your partner seeing your images, those are the only people who will ever see them, and that's 100% ok with me.

+ Am I ... like ... naked?

We typically go for more of the "implied nudity." We may pull a sheet over you and hide your bra straps, or we may use your hands to strategically cover certain body parts. We can show as much or as little as you want, but we always keep it classy and sophisticated and based completely on your comfort level.

+ Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! A girl friend, that is. I'm all for moral support.

+ How much will I spend?

Most people end up spending about $1,400 total, after the session, hair and makeup and an album.

+ Will you edit out my (fill in insecurities here)?

I consider myself the type of photographer who does light editing and heavy posing and lighting. If you have a belly bulge, I'll pose around it and we won't have to worry about editing it. I generally pose you so strategically that you'll be sore the next day. Then, I run a light skin smoother to help fine tune the natural inconsistencies of just having blood flowing underneath our skin. If I miss something while we're posing, I'll tuck it in, but I want your images to look just like the real you.

+ Do I have to have my hair and makeup done?

You don't have to, but I strongly, strongly recommend it. I have hair and makeup provided by my HMUA in-studio, for several reasons. She flatters your best features and makes you look amazing and sexy but still completely you. Getting your hair and makeup done also allows you to sit in the studio and warm up to the idea that you're about to do a boudoir session. Then, once you see yourself in the mirror after Jenna gets her hands on you, you'll feel much more confident and ready to go.

+ Do you do couples sessions?

I do not shoot couples boudoir. The very nature of the term boudoir ("a woman's bedroom or private room") implies that it is women only. This is what best aligns with my purpose in wanting to shoot these types of sessions, as well as what suits my personal comfort level.

+ Should I get a tan?

I'm going to go with no. While fake tanners and real tans can provide a beautiful sun-kissed glow, that glow only really translates well in person. Cameras love porcelain skin, and shooting in awesome light combined with the light skin smoothing I apply in editing will make up for any inconsistencies your skin may have and provide a gorgeous glow no matter what color your skin is.

If you just have to have some type of tan to get you in front of the camera, go to the tanning bed a couple of times a week for several weeks leading up to your session. If you decide to go with a fake tan, please have it professionally applied several days before your session so it has time to settle in. And watch for tan lines!

+ I'm single. Can I still do a boudoir session?

Abso-friggin-lutely. Few things make a woman feel empowered like body positivity, and I'd love to help you fall even more in love with your body and celebrate exactly who you are. How awesome will it be to look back at these images in your 60s, 70s or 80s and see what a gorgeous woman you are?

+ OK, you've convinced me. How do I book my session?

Oh, that's easy. Just click here to book now!