Celebrating Marriage, Celebrating Women. because we're all beautiful, and we're all worth it.

Being a woman in today's culture isn't always easy. We all want to feel beautiful, but we're surrounded by media messages telling us we need to be more. Articles online tell us how often we need to exercise and how often we need to eat. We need coconut oil, vitamin E, fake tanners, hair removers, lotions, eye cream, and the list goes on... and on.. and on... Oh, and it all has to be organic.

Here's the thing. We're beautiful just the way we are. Whether we're in the best physical shape of our lives, post baby or we're trying to embrace some extra curves, we're all fighting the same battle: to love ourselves and show our special someones that we love them, too. That we think of them. That intimacy with them matters to us. 

My husband has told me again and again that I'm most attractive when I let my confidence show, imperfections and all. That's what these sessions are about. It's one of the most amazing gifts you can give to him because it lets him know you thought about something he would love and planned it just for him. But the great thing about this gift is that, unlike a wallet or a video game or a new pair of shoes, I promise you'll love it just as much as he does. And on top of all of that, you get to enjoy a day of pampering with hair and makeup and just the right amount of bubbly. 

You're in, right? Check out the details below, then get in touch with the form at the bottom of this page!

Raleigh Marathon Sessions

I'm pumped to be traveling to Raleigh to do a few sessions on December 6 + 7! Jump on the impulsive-decisions train with me and just do it. No time to chicken out. No time for excuses. And if you're in, you'll get $50 towards a print credit after your session! (Whoo!) 

The Details: We'll shoot in an awesome hotel near the city center. Hair and makeup will be available onsite. You'll receive a proofing gallery two weeks after your session with the option to buy prints, albums, and more. And you'll walk around with a newfound confidence after feeling oh-so-sexy and pampered all day! 

Boudoir Session

  • Private Location
  • Up to Four Changes of Clothes
  • 90-Minute (Approximate) Shooting Session
  • In-Person Ordering and Proofing
  • Endless Advice and Support
  • Five Digital Images

So, we've worked hard to get these images. I've applied years of photography and posing knowledge, and you've let me twist your body in all kinds of funny ways while trying to maintain an "I look like this all the time" effortless face, and listening to some Justin Timberlake (or other music of your choice). Now, it's time to put those babies on paper! Here are some of the most popular options, but if you have something else in mind, let me know, and I'm sure we can make it happen! 

Hold Me


10 Images in a Matted Album

  • Choice of 4x6 or 5x7 Images
  • Printed on Matte Paper
  • Fastest Turnaround

Kiss Me


8x8 Handmade Album

  • Up to 40 Images
  • Professionally Designed Album
  • Option to Add Additional Images
  • Customizable Album Cover
  • Discreet presentation :)
Most popular

Thrill Me


Loose Prints in Glass Heirloom Box

  • Choice of 25 Images to Print
  • Printed on Matte Paper
  • 4x6 Prints


Other options my clients have considered are a custom-framed nightstand photo or a canvas for their walk-in closet that only they can see. All of your digital files will also be available for purchase. If you have more questions, head on over the FAQ page. Or, if you're already sold, fill out the form at the link below! Once you get in touch, I'll send you a link with sample images so you can see what you're in for!

I strongly believe these images are private and best kept between a husband and wife. Because of this, I don't put samples online. Serious inquires will get to see sample images and albums. You can also request to join the private, no-boys-allowed Facebook group. (Send me a message below to be sure I know who you are since I'm choosy about whom I approve for the group!)